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How to Prevent Your Vinyl Car Wrap from Peeling

how to prevent your vinyl car wrap from peeling brand it wrap it

Peeling can happen because of several reasons, so it is best to leave the repair to the professionals.

A vinyl car wrap is a creative and professional way to attract customers to your business. Usually, car wraps last for up to 5 years when maintained properly. When designing a vinyl car wrap, the ultimate goal is to achieve a seamless, paint-like finish. However, a perfect wrap does not come easily. Vinyl wraps could start to peel over time if they did not properly adhere to the car’s paint during installation. Peeling can happen because of several reasons, so it is best to leave the repair to the professionals. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent your vinyl car wrap from peeling.

Consult a Professional

The first step to getting a quality vinyl car wrap is hiring a reputable car wrap company. An experienced vinyl car wrap company will follow the exact steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that the vinyl car wrap will attach properly to the car and will not lift or peel over the course of its lifespan.

Clean Your Car Before Installation

By now, you know how important it is to clean your car before getting any kind of car wrap applied. A car wrap should not be applied to a dirty car. Most professional car wrap companies will take the time to thoroughly clean your vehicle to make sure there is no dirt, scratches, or peeling paint. A proper clean will ensure that your vinyl wrap stays adhered to the car for a long time. 

Clean Your Car After Installation

Don’t think your work is done once your car wrap has been applied. In order to keep your vinyl wrap in good condition, you need to clean it regularly as well. Hand-wash your vehicle with ammonia-free cleaners only to keep your wrap intact. It is also recommended to avoid automatic car washes, as the harsh cleansers and brushes can scratch your vinyl wrap.

Stay Out of the Sun

Prolonged exposure to the Sun can cause your vinyl car wrap to fade or peel over time. Make sure to park in shaded areas when possible, such as under trees and beside buildings are good spots to use. This also protects your car from weather, dirt, and animals that could possibly damage your vinyl car wrap.

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