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How Long Do Car Wraps Last? Let’s Find Out!

how long do car wraps last brand it wrap it

When done professionally, a car wrap can last for a long time, thus extending the life of your business. However, many things can impact the longevity of your wrap

So you have invested in custom car wraps for your company, and your business is doing very well. Car wraps are an excellent way to advertise your services and increase your customer base. When done professionally, a car wrap can last for a long time, thus extending the life of your business. However, many things can impact the longevity of your wrap. Wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, and the occasional scuff or scratch can leave your wrap looking less than new. Exactly how long do you have before your car wrap needs to be repaired or replaced? These tips will help you.

What Affects the Life of Car Wraps?

Generally, professional vinyl car wraps last anywhere from 5-7 years. After seven years, the vinyl will begin to fade, crack, or warp. They can withstand a variety of temperatures, climates, and weather patterns; and will stand up well with proper maintenance and under normal driving conditions. However, certain variables can impact your wrap as well. These include:

  • Direct Sunlight: Leaving your wrap in the sun all day can cause the vinyl to crack and fade.
  • Poor Maintenance: Without regular cleaning, dirt, debris, and precipitation can seep into the seams of the wrap and cause warping or discoloration.
  • Reckless Driving: Safe driving is always recommended as too many dings, or scratches can ruin the design of your wrap

How to Make Your Wrap Last Longer

If you want to get all seven years out of your wrap, it needs to be properly maintained and taken care of. The two best ways to extend the lifespan of your wrap are proper preparation and proper maintenance. The more prepared your vehicle is for the wrap, the better the final result will be. To prepare your vehicle for wrap installation, you must thoroughly clean it to remove any dirt, dust, or debris with the appropriate cleaner. Then your wrap technician will go over the entire car again with special cleaning solutions before your wrap is installed.

Once your car has been cleaned, and your wrap has been installed properly, follow these tips to make it last longer:

  • Park in a Covered Area: Park in a garage, under some shade, or even a tarp. When you aren’t driving, protect your vehicle from the elements whenever possible.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme heat can make your wrap susceptible to damage, while extreme cold can cause it to crack.
  • Regular Cleaning: It doesn’t matter if you hand wash or drive through the car wash – make sure you’re cleaning your car.

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