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What Cars Can’t Be Wrapped

What Cars Can't Be Wrapped brand it wrap it

There are some cases where the shape or condition of your vehicle means that a car wrap can not be applied.

By now, you know all about the car wrap process and everything that goes into it. But vinyl car wraps can not be applied to just anything. There are some cases where the shape or condition of your vehicle means that a wrap can not be applied. Vinyl does not hide flaws, so if your car has paint scratches or dents, installing a car wrap will not fix it. Let’s go over some of the cars that can’t be wrapped. 

Cars with Paint Scratches

A vinyl car wrap is not a replacement for a decent paint job. If your car has scratches, chips, and other defects, the paint will be magnified when the vinyl is installed. Even more so, removing the vinyl also may cause the color surrounding the damaged area to peel away. 

Retro Cars

Classic or retro cars have a very unique shape that is attractive to some old-school car collectors. However, the body shape on the classic cars is, in most cases, not intended for wrapping. Modern cars have flat body panels, and they are all separated from one another. On most classic sports cars, the car’s front end is a single piece and is normally a unique shape. It is not possible to wrap these types of vehicles without having multiple vinyl pieces with overlapping elements between them. This means that you won’t get the seamless paint-like appearance that car wraps are known for.

Cars with Rusted Metal

Wraps will not stick to rust. There is no way around it. If your car or truck has exposed rust or oxidation, the vinyl adhesives simply will not bond. In fact, a rusty surface is just the same as a dirty one, and the rust particles will stick to the film resulting in a poor application.

Cars with Peeling Paint

Some wrap technicians will say that it is not good to apply a car wrap to peeling paint. In general, it is recommended to install wraps only on factory-painted vehicles for wrapping. However, suppose you do decide that a wrap is the only option for you. In that case, it is strongly recommended to have areas of paint that are chipping or peeling sanded down before wrapping to ensure a smooth installation and prevent any future paint flaking.

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