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When to Get a Color Change Wrap vs. a New Paint Job

A color change wrap is a great way to switch up the look of your vehicle, but it’s not meant to cover up a bad paint job.

Many people enjoy having versatility in their lives. They value being able to change their personal clothing style, hair, gadgets, and even their vehicle appearance. Car wraps are gaining in popularity as a way to switch the color of a car when you’re ready for a new look. Because it’s still new, many people have questions about going with a color change wrap or getting a new paint job. Read on to learn more about knowing when to get a color change wrap versus a new paint job.

Wrapping is Not a Quick Fix

It’s a misconception to think that you can use a color change wrap to cover a bad paint job. For car wraps to be effective, you have to start with a good, clean paint job. If your current paint job on your car has any imperfections, they will show through in the wrap. This is especially true if you have a textured surface. The biggest benefit of using a color change wrap is that it is reversible. This means that if you ever change your mind about your car’s appearance and what to go back to the start, especially for resale purposes, you can easily do that. If your current paint job has deep scratches, dents, or corrosion, you should opt for a fresh coat rather than a wrap.

Price Comparison

A color change wrap is not necessarily cheaper than a new paint job. The wrap material itself is included in the costs in addition to the labor, which should only be completed by a highly trained and skilled professional. In reality, the costs for both are about the same. You should compare the costs of a high-quality paint job to that of a high-quality wrap. The cost difference comes into play when you’re comparing a low to average quality paint job to a high-quality wrap, and vice versa. In addition, wrapping can also be cheaper and beneficial if you are using it in small panel sections, like the roof, trunk, or hood.   

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