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Choosing The Right Color For Your Vehicle Wrap


Green is often used to represent the environment, making it a great color for a landscaping company’s vehicle wrap!

The design of your vehicle wrap is so important because it is what attracts people’s attention to it. The first thing you have to choose when deciding on a design for your vehicle wrap is a color scheme. Colors are important because they convey certain moods and you want the colors you choose to reflect the values of your business. Here is some insight on what message certain colors give off.


This is a color that goes with everything and is commonly used for lettering. Black tends to represent luxury and is good for businesses that want to give off a more sophisticated look. Wedding planning companies or limousine services may benefit from a black vehicle wrap.


Yellow is a bright color that exudes youth and friendliness. Gardening or floral companies could benefit from using a yellow color scheme for their vehicle wrap. It is also great for daycare companies and other companies that deal with children.


This is a bold color choice and can give off a variety of moods. Red can be used for passion, which is great for companies that want to give off a romantic vibe. Red can also reflect anger or excitement. Red is for businesses that want to make a bold statement with their design.


Brown gives off a more masculine energy and is good for a rugged, serious vibe. Brown is a great color for construction companies to use for their vehicle wraps.


Green is often associated with two things: money and the environment. Any lawn or landscaping companies could benefit from using green for their vehicle wrap. It is also a good color to use for financial companies.


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