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The Benefits Of Wrapping Your Fleet Vehicle

Wrapping your fleet vehicle is a great way to advertise your business all over the country!

If you’ve been considering wrapping your fleet vehicle, you’re in good company. The question of whether to wrap, paint, or add decals to a fleet is one most companies will face. Wrapping your fleet vehicle offers a variety of benefits that you will want to consider as you make your decisions. This includes the marketing benefits as well as the long-term value of the vehicles.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Depending on the size of the community your fleet is traveling through, it’s estimated that a wrapped vehicle will create up to 65,000 visual impressions each day it is in service. When you compare this rate to any other media marketing tool, you will find that it is staggeringly more cost-effective. Your fleet vehicle becomes a traveling billboard that will create better name recognition than almost any other marketing method.

A Professional Image

Wrapping your vehicle eliminates the risk of discrepancies in paint jobs and ensures that your designs are crisp, long-lasting, and effective. In the event of an accident or tear, single sections can be replaced allowing for easier fixes. Not to mention, the professional look will inspire confidence in your quality to consumers.

Build Up Your Brand

With the consistent, professional image of your wrapped fleet vehicle, your brand will gain recognition faster than using traditional marketing alone. As mentioned earlier, the sheer number of people your fleet comes in contact with each day will far surpass that of other advertisements. That said, when your fleet represents your brand, the behavior of your drivers becomes far more important. If they suffer from road rage or don’t keep their car as clean as they should it can quickly reflect negatively on you.

Long-Term Value

When it comes time to part ways with your wrapped fleet vehicles you’ll be excited to learn that the resale value of wrapped vehicles will be higher. Not only will the paint underneath be in better condition, but you won’t have to deal with any remnants of previous paint jobs or decals.

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