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How to Tell When Your Commercial Graphics Need an Upgrade

how to tell when your commercial graphics need an upgrade

Fresh new commercial graphics will help update your business’s look, but how do you know when it’s time.

Commercial graphics have a serious job to do. They need to inform people about your business and look good doing it. But like a lot of other promotional items, graphics need to be updated from time to time. Old, worn graphics that don’t represent what your business is up to these days do more harm than good. Here are three situations that require new commercial graphics.

No Strategy

If you graphics don’t have a cohesive appearance or message, not only are you missing out on branding opportunities, you’re not giving your customers any sense of who you are. At it’s worst, commercial graphics without a solid plan can look incoherent and confusing. An interior wall graphic that says something about your business that’s entirely different than what your window graphics say is going to be a red flag to potential customers.   

Old Strategy

If your graphics and other promotional material all look outdated, worn, or don’t accurately represent what your business does these days, it’s time for an upgrade. Any time you roll out a new product or service is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your graphics since you’ll have plenty to promote.

Your Brand Has Changed

When it’s time to upgrade your branding and commercial graphics strategy, all of your materials will need to be updated as well. Again, the goal here is sending out a cohesive message to customers. If you have some materials with a new logo and some with an outdated version it will only confuse people.

Brand It Wrap It

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