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Consider the Benefits of Floor Wraps

Here are a few benefits of floor graphics for your business.

Interior graphics are a great way to add character and branding to your company’s building. And when it comes to floor graphics, even though it might seem that they could be easily overlooked they are actually surprisingly effective. Here are a few benefits of floor graphics for your business.


First, floor graphics are just as good a tool for promoting your brand as a wall or window graphic. In fact, floor graphics have a slight advantage because they bring an element of the unexpected. Most people are used to having advertising brought to them at eye level. So something as simple as putting your company logo on the floor of your front entrance will literally stop people in their tracks as they step into your building.


Floor wraps are also just as effective at marketing specific promotions your business has going on. You can grab a customer’s attention by pointing them towards products on sale, for example. And people will be likely to look more closely offers on a floor wrap than if it was on a sign because it is creative and unusual. Floor wraps offer an element of interaction because customers can touch them, or even crouch closer to get a look.  Using floor graphics is a fun way to point people to features of your company.


Another beneficial use of floor wraps is to point out hazards for customers or employees. When you think about it, it makes a lot more sense to put a Step warning on the floor where the step is than on a sign on the wall. That way if someone is looking down at their phone, they’ll be more likely to see it. The same idea works for areas of a warehouses and factories to point out places where your employees should not stand because of forklifts or heavy machinery. A few simple warnings in the form of floor graphics can upgrade your safety measures which will also protect your business from getting sued.


You can also use floor wraps to point people in the right direction. They can add a sense of order to your building without using signs and stanchions that take up space. A simple walkway can go a long way to eliminating confusion if you have a large floorplan. It can be a bold or as subtle as you want.

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