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How to Rebrand Your Company

Here are some tips to rebrand your company.

It can be good for a company that has been in business for several years to consider updating their brand. If you are in that position, then you might be wondering how you can give your brand a new and improved look without losing the things that customers love about your company. Here are some tips to rebrand your company.

Tell Your Story

There are several reasons why a company decides to rebrand, whether it is to update, expand, or adjust their company message. Either way, part of a successful branding strategy is to tell the story of your company. Think about what your company has been about in the past and find a way to explain the transition into this new angle on your brand. Customers want to know why you made the changes that you made and what you hope to bring to them in this new phase of your business.

Keep it Simple

Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to think about how to improve upon your current brand image. The best thing you can do is to start by thinking of ways to simplify your brand. If your company repairs computer hardware but has over the years taken on software debugging and antivirus protection, then instead of saying all that in your company name you could condense it down to “compute solutions.” In the same way, you can look at your logo and decide if it looks too busy and could have a simple shape to eh image or easier-to-read font. By streamlining your name and image you will make your company look cleaner and more modern and professional.

Brand Identity

The one thing you want to make sure you don’t do is change your brand to the point where it is too far away from your original. People don’t naturally like change, and customers trust something that is familiar to them. This is why it’s important to know your company story so that there will be continuity between your current brand image and your new one. During the rebranding process it is also a great idea to invest in customer focus groups to give you feedback on which ideas work the best for your audience.

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