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Why Car Wraps Are Better Than Paint

If you’re looking to transform the look of your car, you basically have two options: vinyl wraps or paint. If you’ve never opted for the former before, you might feel tempted to stick with what you’re most familiar with—regular old paint. Here at Brand It, Wrap It, we believe that car wraps have some distinct advantages that make them better than paint. Here are a few of the big ones.

car wraps better than paint brand it wrap it

Car wraps have countless advantages over paint. Here are a few of the big ones!

Minimal Maintenance

Properly maintained and expertly done, a good paint job can last for a lifetime. Car wraps might not last for quite as long. On average, you can go about seven years without needing a replacement—maybe as long as a decade depending on the quality of the materials and installation.

But what car wraps lack in longevity they make up for with minimal maintenance. For a paint job to last a lifetime, it will need regular and meticulous care. Your car wrap, on the other hand, will keep looking great with nothing more than regular wiping down with a moistened cloth.


Paint’s only benefits are aesthetic. Car wraps, on the other hand, come with a different incentive: they protect the coat of paint underneath.

You may have heard people say that car wraps can damage paint. Don’t believe it; this is only a myth. On the contrary, your paint will be looking as good as new if you ever choose to have your car wrap removed. But we’re sure you’ll be so in love with the design that you won’t ever want to.

Customize It

Another one of the biggest advantages of car wraps over paint is the potential for customization. Of course, there’s plenty of customization that you can do with paint as well. But custom paint jobs are astronomically expensive. Not to mention vinyl wraps simply offer more options.

With a custom car wrap, you won’t just get to choose from a wide array of colors, or a virtually limitless supply of designs. You can even choose the texture. If you enjoy the appearance of paint, go with gloss. But don’t forget to ask about other options like matte or satin, which can really make your vehicle stand apart on the streets.

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