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The Best Ways to Care for Your Floor Graphics

Here are some maintenance tips to best take care of your business floor graphics.

Floor graphics are usually the only graphics that people come in direct physical contact with, and these graphics can get rough treatment over time after being walked over. Even though floor graphics are designed to be durable, they will still need some TLC to stay in good condition. Here are some maintenance tips to best take care of your business floor graphics.

Keeping it Clean

Before you first apply your floor graphic, you should make sure that that area of the floor is completely clean and dry. Then it is simple to clean the graphic later by using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Look for cleaners that are designed specifically for floor graphics. Also, make sure that you thoroughly dry after cleaning with a lint-free towel to prevent slipping. Try to clean as often as you can, depending on the amount of foot traffic in that area.

Waxing Floor Graphics

It’s recommended to have your floor waxed regularly when you have floor graphics. Waxing helps preserve the quality of your floor graphics against wear and tear. Something important to consider is that if you have high-speed buffers, you should wait until you have at least four coats of wax before you start buffing to keep from accidentally damaging your floor graphics. 


There might come a time that you need to remove your floor graphics, and you will need to avoid damaging them. The best way to carefully remove your floor graphics is to loosen the edges first by gently lifting them with a scraper. Then you should peel up the graphic from one edge by keeping it at a tight angle to help it all come off cleanly. After removing it, you should clean and wax your floor as normal.

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