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Maintenance Tips For Your Floor Graphics

You want to wax your floor graphics to protect them from the wear and tear from regular maintenance!

You have finally decided to invest in a floor graphic for your business. This is a great branding decision because a floor graphic is cost effective and provides 24/7 advertising. Because people walk across your floor graphics on a regular basis, it is important to keep it clean and cared for. Here are some maintenance tips for your floor graphics.


You want to make sure that you thoroughly clean the floor prior to applying the graphic itself to make its application easier. To clean the graphic itself, you want to spray it with a mild cleaner, preferably one that is designed for graphics. Using the cleaner and a little water, wipe the area clean with a cloth. After you have cleaned it, you want to dry the area with a lint-free towel. The more foot traffic you have in that area, the more you should clean it.


Shortly after you apply your floor graphics, you want to wax them. This is especially important if the floors are routinely maintained because it will protect it from premature wear and tear. When you wax the floor, you want to keep that area completely dry for at least four hours. If maintenance using really high speed buffers to clean the floors, you want to apply four to six coats of wax before buffing it. This keeps the edges from lifting and getting worn during the buffing process.


If you need to remove your floor graphics for any reason, you want to do so carefully. You can use some sort of scraper to help lift the edges of the floor graphic before you try to pull it up. Following this, you remove it by lifting one edge and pulling the entire thing off slowly, at a sharp  angle so that the entire graphic comes up at once. Removing the graphic may remove the wax underneath so a rewaxing of the floor may be required.

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