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4 Main Categories of Vehicle Wraps

Here is a quick look at these categories of vehicle wraps.

No matter what type of business you have, vehicle wraps are an excellent choice for promoting your business on the go. There are many different types of vehicle wraps available to customize, depending on the vehicle you have. Here is a quick look at these categories of vehicle wraps.

Full Vehicle Wraps

One of the most common types of vehicle wraps, the full vehicle wrap is designed to cover the entire vehicle. It is the best way to protect your vehicle and advertise your business. A full vehicle wrap prevents the paint job from getting scratched and damaged. Whether you want to put advertising on company cars or simply wish to change the color of your personal vehicle, full wraps are for you.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Although full vehicle wraps are among the best options, there is still plenty that you can do if you’d prefer a partial vehicle wrap instead. Partial vehicle wraps are more subtle, but they can be equally effective. You can choose any part of your vehicle to apply a partial wrap, which gives you lots of flexibility. If you only want to apply your logo to the side or hood of your vehicle, then partial vehicle wraps are perfect for the job.

Fleet Wraps

If your business has a set of fleet trucks, then you know that you have a big opportunity for advertising. Large commercial trucks have so much room to put any design you want on them. That way, you can go into traffic with a billboard level of promotion for your business that people are sure to see.

Food Truck Wraps

Lastly, food trucks can probably benefit the most from vehicle wraps. When owning a food truck, the entire business is contained in the vehicle. That means that a food truck needs a way to stand out from all the other vehicles on the road. A food truck wrap can be colorful and eye-catching, and project a clear brand identity that lets people know the type of food offered. Also, vehicle wraps make a food truck look clean and professional, which is a must for food service.

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