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Cleaning Tips For Vehicle Wraps


You want to keep your vehicle wrap clean to keep it looking fresh.

You just decided to invest in a wrap for your vehicle. Whether it’s just to spruce up your vehicle or to promote your business, you made a great decision. When you have a wrap on your car, you need to pay special attention to cleaning it. Cars get dirty quickly, especially because of how often we are using them. With a wrap on it, you want to keep your car extra clean because If the wrap gets dingy, people are not going to pay as much attention to it. Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle wrap clean.

Car Wash

One thing you want to avoid is taking your car through a drive-through wash with a vehicle wrap on it. The brushes that car washes use can be too rough on the film. This could cause it to degrade and the edges could begin to peel. It is safe to do a drive-through car wash if they don’t use brushes, but most of them do. To avoid this risk, it is best to just hand wash the wrap. You want to use a mild detergent and clean water to wash the surface. Do not pressure clean as it can cause the wrap to lift around the edges.

Spot Cleaning

For cleaning small areas of your vehicle wrap, just invest in some rubbing alcohol. It should be effective in cleaning any isolated stains.  You want to rinse the area with cool water after you clean it. You want to avoid using tire dressing to spot clean because it could splash on the wrap and cause stains. Also, be sure to avoid wiping the wrap when it is hot because it can wrinkle the material.

Bird Droppings

If you are trying to clean off bird droppings or any other stains that may have come from nature, you want to do so as soon as you come across it. If you let things like bird droppings or tree sap sit for too long on your wrap, it will only make it harder to remove and could possibly damage it. You want to soak the area for a few minutes with soapy water to loosen the droppings. After that, use a gentle cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the area. Make sure to always test cleaning solutions on a small area before using it on the whole thing.

Things To Avoid

These are the some of the cleaning products that should never be used on your vehicle wrap:

·         Oil based cleaners

·         Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaners

·         Oven Cleaner

·         Engine Degreaser

·         Solvents

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