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4 Reasons Interior Graphics are Better Than a Paint Job

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The style and decoration of a commercial building can really say a lot about the business itself. First impressions are very important and the first thing potential employees, clients, and customers will see when they walk into your business is how it is designed and decorated. Paint is a typical way to add color on the walls, so why not do something more unique? Here are four reasons why interior graphics are better than a paint job.

Saves Time & Money

Whether you hire a professional or decide to DIY, painting is a very time consuming process and can be very costly due to all of the materials required. Interior graphics, whether you are interested in wall or floor graphics, are very easy to apply and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Interior graphics are also very cost effective, making them an inexpensive way to really make your business stand out.

Enhance Brand Image

Design options are very limited when it comes to a traditional paint job. However, with interior graphics, the design possibilities are endless. You can easily print your brand logo and name onto a graphic and have it posted for everyone to see. Your graphics can convey your brand’s values, slogan, and can even be customized for each specific room or office in the building. Unique, eye-catching graphics are sure to make your brand stand out from the rest.


Interior graphics don’t only have to be used for decoration. In fact, you can used them as a method of promotion or even to help guide people throughout the building. You can designate a wall to use for advertising specials and promotions that your business is offering at that time. Floor graphics can be used as a way to give directions to people walking in which is especially helpful if you have a large commercial building.

Clean Look

Over time, paint can be chipped, dinged, and scratched. The wear and tear of a paint job can really take away from the overall aesthetic of a room. If you choose interior graphics instead, it is easy to keep them clean and looking just as good as new. All you need is a wet cloth and a mild soap to clean your graphics and have the room looking fresh at all times.  

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