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3 Design Tips for Your Trade Show Banner

The new year is quickly coming up, which means that you will have fresh opportunities to showcase your business at a trade show. The best thing for a trade show booth or table is a high-quality banner stand. Follow these tips, and you’ll be off to a great start in designing a banner stand for your next trade show.

Contact Information

There’s a lot going on at a trade show, and hundreds if not thousands of people will walk by your booth. Even when people don’t stop for very long, you should take advantage of the moments that they lay eyes on your banner stand. The best way to do this is to make your contact information highly visible. You should put it at the top of your banner and make it bold and easy to read. That way, if somebody just takes a passing glance at your booth, they’ll still be able to remember how to get in touch later.

Easy to Read

The next and equally important aspect of trade show banners is that they have to be easy to read. Simply legible is not enough. You should pick a simple but bold font that will make each letter stand out crisp and clear. Also, be careful of what colors and designs you use on your banner. You don’t want any details to overwhelm your text, and you should avoid colors that are too similar to your text and might blend in. Good contrast is key to help your message pop.

Focus on Audience

If you plan on going to a large number of trade shows next year, then it’s likely that you will be promoting your business to different audiences. For example, you might have one audience of younger people who are trend-focused versus another audience of professionals who like business standards. No one group is better than the other, but it’s good to think about how your banner will appeal to certain audiences. Bright colors and bold design might be a turn-off for one group, whereas traditional font and plain backgrounds could be boring to another. A great idea is to create two or three versions of your core design to change out depending on your audiences’ tastes.

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