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What to Do if Your Car Wrap is Damaged

What to Do if Your Car Wrap is Damaged brand it wrap it

If you notice any damage to your car wrap, it is ok to be concerned.

Usually, a car wrap can withstand damage pretty well. However, if you find that your vinyl wrap is damaged because of scratches or corrosion, you need to take the wrap in to have it fixed. Sometimes, a novice installer will damage the vehicle wrap or not properly adhere it to the car. It is essential only to visit a skilled car wrap installer to repair any damages to your vehicle wrap. If you notice imperfections on your car wrap, it is ok to be concerned. Just follow these tips to get your car looking like new again.

When Adhesive Fails

If your car’s paintwork is not properly degreased or cleaned, the adhesive will not stick properly to the car’s finish. The only way to fix this issue is to re-wrap the car. It takes skills and finesse to trim a vinyl wrap after application. If the knife is applied too firmly, scratches can appear over the car’s painted surface. These marks will need to be resprayed or touched up before the vinyl can be replaced.

Repairing After an Accident

It can be very stressful when your company car is involved in an accident. Luckily, if the vehicle has a car wrap, it can still be repaired after the accident. The severity of the damage determines how much work it will take to repair it. Since vehicle wraps are printed and installed in panels, the damaged panel can be reprinted and installed again after the vehicle has been repaired. It is also essential to consider the age of the vinyl wrap because exposure to the sun might have caused some of the graphics or colors to fade. If so, your vehicle wrap installer will need to color correct the original design to match the new wrap.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

If you notice a small area of damage on your wrap, you may be tempted to fix it yourself. But it is a better idea to leave the repair work to the professionals. Besides repairing any damaged areas, the vehicle might need to be repainted and repaired to look new again. If the vehicle needs to be repainted, you will need to wait until the paint is cured before the wrap is applied. Be sure to reach out to your professional car wrap installer for any repairs.

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