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Protecting Your Car Wrap in the Winter

Protecting Your Car Wrap in the Winter brand it wrap it

Extreme winter weather can be very damaging to your vinyl wrap.

If you have invested in a vinyl car wrap for your business, you have likely gotten some new customers or at least some curious looks on the road. Car wraps are fantastic marketing and advertising tools, so it is essential to take care of your investment. If you live in the Maryland area, you know how harsh the winters can get. Extreme winter weather can be very damaging to your vinyl wrap. Here are some tips for protecting your car wrap in the winter.

Clean Your Car as Often as Possible

Winter brings increased rain and snowfalls, leaving dirt and other debris on your wrap over time. Make sure you clean your vehicle every two weeks with a wet cloth and soap to remove any dirt as it can damage your wrap if it gets under the vinyl or between sections. Though routine cleaning is essential, be sure to avoid washing your car in freezing temperatures as ice can form on your wrap.

Remove Snow Before it Turns to Ice

Snow left on the surface of the car may turn to ice overnight. This ice can freeze to the vinyl and become challenging and risky to remove without damaging your wrap. If any snow starts to pile atop your vehicle, remember to brush it off as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Keep Away from Salt When Possible

Salt is commonly used to de-ice roads and walkways during the winter months. However, salt is not as friendly to vehicles. This substance can get stuck to your car’s wheels, wheel wells, and undercarriage, potentially damaging vital components. Even more so,  if salt gets on your car wrap, it can easily begin to erode it and leave permanent damage. Once you park your vehicle in a safe area, use a soft brush to remove all snow and salt from your car. 

Never Use a Scaper

While it is necessary to wipe the snow off your windshield before driving in the snow, avoid cleaning your vinyl wrap with a scraper. Plastic or metal scrapers can scratch the vinyl, so it is better to use a cloth or soft brush. When snow or debris starts to stick to your vinyl wrap, avoid using anything too hard to clean your car since it can easily scratch the vinyl wrap. The most effective way to clean stuck-on debris is to rinse it with water and wash it away with a sponge and soap.

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