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Debunking Common Car Wrap Myths

Debunking Common Car Wrap Myths brand it wrap it

Many people have misconceptions about car wraps, but they are a unique and innovative marketing tactic.

There is no denying that car wraps have become incredibly common among business owners everywhere. Many people have a few misconceptions surrounding car wraps. In reality, vehicle wraps tend to be a unique and innovative marketing tactic for various types of businesses. Ultimately, having a printed decal or graphic prominently displayed on a car used for your business can be a worthwhile investment. Here are some common misconceptions associated with car wraps and how easily they can be debunked. 

Vehicle Wraps Will Damage The Cars Paint

This is totally inaccurate — and completely false. In reality, having a car wrap will not only not hinder your vehicle’s paint job, but it’ll actually keep it protected. A car wrap is a way to protect your vehicle’s paint job — making it last longer than it would otherwise. For the most part, your car’s paint won’t have to be exposed to weather elements, which are the reason behind the wear and tear of any vehicle’s paint overall. 

It’s Not Safe To Put Car Wraps On Your Windows

This is another misconception that can be easily busted. Graphics are safe to place along your car’s windows. For the most part, car wraps are designed to be effectively and efficiently see-through — which results in you easily being able to see even with car wraps on your car’s windows. The reality is that tiny holes on the car wrap allow people to see through the decal easily — so you can safely drive the vehicle. Ultimately, placing a car wrap on the front windshield might not be a great idea, but it can work seamlessly on any other car window on your vehicle. There are a few clear misconceptions surrounding the safety of car wraps, but rest assured, they are incredibly safe and wonderfully worthwhile — mainly when you work with a professional with experience designing and installing vehicle wraps for many types of vehicles. 

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