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What Elements Should You Include In Your Commercial Car Wrap?

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An effective commercial car wrap will include your logo, services, and contact information.

A great commercial car wrap begins with outstanding elements of a design. The right design can set you and your business apart by showcasing your stellar branding and services, while the wrong design can give the wrong impression to any potential customers. So, which elements should you include in your commercial graphics? 

Your Logo

If you want to showcase your brand on your commercial graphics, you should definitely include your logo. However, it should also be balanced with other information you’d like to display. If it’s too big, it may distract from your services, but if it’s too small, people may miss it on the road or be unable to read the name easily. Featuring your logo front and center will ensure everyone can read your logo and recognize your brand.  

Contact Information 

Another essential element of a commercial car wrap is your contact information. Keep in mind that your vinyl wraps won’t just be viewed when your vehicle is parked. Ideally, your vinyl wraps will be seen while you’re at jobs and while you’re driving around town. A reputable wrap designer and installer will help you choose fonts, sizes, and colors that will be easily legible from the road. 


Let your potential customers know what to expect when they call, email, or visit your website. Can they schedule a free estimate? Or visit your website for details? Including a great call-to-action around your contact information on your commercial car wrap is a great way to encourage conversions and start a conversation with potential clients. 

Your Services or Products

While your logo, business name, and branding are all great elements for a commercial car wrap, they may not always be enough. Some business names aren’t as straightforward as others, and even if you have a service, like “plumbing,” in your business name, customers may not know if you provide commercial or residential offerings. 

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