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What Makes a Great Car Wrap

Over the years, we’ve seen the car wrap industry absolutely boom. It’s gone from a somewhat niche option to being embraced by businesses and hobbyists alike. Car wraps have become so popular that many already-established print shops have pivoted to offering vehicle wraps to their customers. To produce a quality car wrap, though, a printer needs to be an expert in a variety of areas which is why it’s important that you know what goes into producing a great car wrap.

What Makes a Great Car Wrap

How do you know what makes a great car wrap? Here are some things to look for.

Nailing the Design

Design work ranges so much in its complexity. A logo might just be a few shapes and the right typeface to make it all work. When working with a car wrap, though, a designer has to know how to work with the curvature of a vehicle to create a design that will actually work once it’s produced. If a lousy designer is behind a car wrap, it’ll ultimately lead to a less aesthetically pleasing, potentially difficult to read or understand car wrap.

Proper Materials

Cost never makes something great, but good materials aren’t cheap either. High-quality vinyl leads to better vinyl wraps that are going to last longer. Check what kind of vinyl wrap your installer is going to use. It doesn’t take too much research to determine whether or not it’s a quality product, so hop on Google and find out if you think it’s the right pick for your application.

Production & Preparation

The kind of printers used for car wraps are likely unlike any printer you’ve seen before. There’s a lot that goes into it, and it requires real specialized skills to run a machine like that. One must understand print profiles, which are sets of code that tell the printer how to actually produce the wrap.

As important as creating the car wrap is, it’s also important to use that time to properly prep a vehicle too. This means getting a vehicle completely washed, cleaned, and dried so it is ready for a wrap to be applied. Even the smallest amount of dirt can cause the wrap to fall off.

The Installation

Finally, it comes to installation. While some people go the DIY route, it’s much easier than you might think to mess this up and end up with an unattractive wrap or one that just falls off over enough time. Get a pro to do the job right.

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