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Vehicle Graphics Tips: Avoiding Bubbles

Vehicle Graphic

Unsightly bubbles can ruin your vehicle graphic. How should you avoid them?

While vehicle graphics are an excellent way to promote your brand, they’re also a medium of promotion that requires a little bit more TLC than the average sign. Without the right amount of attention and maintenance, your moving brand can expand, crack, and rip off a vehicle as you drive down the road. To avoid losing your otherwise effective marketing tool, follow these pro tips for avoiding bubbles on your vehicle graphics.

All-Star Preparation

Like any other adhesive, your vehicle graphic needs a clean, dry surface for application. Although soap and water are usually enough for removing organic residue such as dust and insect remains, other substances such as oil or wax will require special materials for removal. For advanced solvent removal, it is best to seek help from a professional to prevent damage to your vehicle paint and protective coatings.

Choose your Materials Wisely

Choosing the right adhesive vinyl is an especially important aspect of making your vehicle graphic as eye catching and memorable as possible.  By working with a professional vehicle graphics provider, you can optimize your vehicle graphic by selecting the best adhesive material for your vehicle type.

Installation Best Practices

If you are attempting to install a vehicle graphic at home, consider the temperature of the vinyl as a major factor in the success of your graphic. While most vinyls require temperatures above 60 degrees and higher temperatures for heating post-application, a professional will be able to advise you on best practices for installing your vehicle graphic. By allowing a professional to install a high-quality wrap, you are also ensuring the lasting quality of your vehicle graphic over time.

Vinyl Lifespan

Once your wrap is installed, check it periodically for any changes that may occur over time such as tearing or fading of colors. You shouldn’t see any fading or changes with a high quality graphic, however it is important to keep track of any changes so you can prevent further damage in the future.

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