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Everything You Wanted To Know About Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

reflective adhesive vinyl

There are a variety of uses for reflective adhesive vinyl.

Reflective adhesive vinyl, also known as reflective, is a material that can efficiently reflect light. In fact, it doesn’t actually create light; it isn’t lit, and you don’t notice it during the day. As a result, reflective adhesive vinyl reflects light in the dark such as vehicle headlights. Here is everything you need to know about this unique material!

How Is Reflective Adhesive Vinyl Made?

First things first, there are two widely different types of reflective adhesive vinyl available. Retroflective adhesive vinyl contains small beads that reflect light. However, prismatic adhesive vinyl is layered with tiny prisms that reflect light. This reflective material is manufactured to various compliances. In fact, some may be suitable for flat surfaces like a traffic sign or a business wall, they may not be ideal for three-dimensional surfaces like vehicles or trucks. Materials rated at higher levels of compliance may be required to bend around curves and corners.

How Is Reflective Adhesive Vinyl Used?

Vehicles like ambulances, fire vehicles, police cruisers, and other first responder vehicles use reflective vinyl in varying degrees. Reflective adhesive vinyl is used on signage; from stop signs to the inside of a business’s wall. However, this super shiny material isn’t limited to government agencies. At Brand It Wrap It, we’ve used reflective materials on a wide array of commercial and private projects. We’ve used reflective on company buses and fleet vehicles. Using company logos, images, and backgrounds, having a vinyl wrap on your company car allows a business to have a cost-effective advertising opportunity at your fingertips.

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl Does A Lot Of Good

For any business owner looking to attract a large audience, reflective adhesive vinyl can be a great asset to use. In fact, reflective adhesive vinyl helps identify a business and provides passersby with incredible information about a commercial company.

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl From Brand It Wrap It

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