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Understanding the Types of Car Wrap Finishes

Understanding the Types of Car Wrap Finishes brand it wrap it

When choosing a car wrap, the design decisions don’t end with the graphics or colors. You also have to decide on the car wrap finish.

There are dozens of reasons people invest in vehicle wraps. For many, it is a fantastic marketing tool for their business (imagine a billboard that goes everywhere in town that you do) and efficient use of their advertising budget. But some people get wraps as an easy way to change the entire look of their vehicle. In either case, the design decisions don’t end with the vehicle graphics or colors that you choose. You also have to decide on the car wrap finish. There are five popular wrap finish options to choose from when you’re shopping for car wraps.


Clear wraps are a great way to add something to the car’s existing color. This is often a popular choice for marketing using a vehicle wrap. Imagine that you can keep your car the color you already know and love and add text and graphics over the top. The wrap itself is clear, but the printing can be any color you want it to be.


Matte surface car wraps are intended to dull the existing gloss finish of your paint job. This finish can be applied as a transparent or full-color wrap. The value of a matte finish is that it helps to accentuate the lines of modern car design. Matte surfaces can make text and graphics stand out better than standard gloss finishes. Matte finishes are also less common, so your vehicle will stand out from other cars.


A gloss finish car wrap achieves the exact opposite of a matte one. The gloss effect makes the paint job look brand new, without requiring the work of maintaining the paint. A glossy finish car wrap is the most popular choice for both personal and marketing uses.


Chrome is the most reflective option in car wraps, and it can be used for all-over reflective coverage or combined with patterns and images. Chrome almost always gives a vehicle a futuristic feel, and it also will definitely stand out in a crowd. However, sometimes highly reflective surfaces can also be a distraction and an annoyance to other drivers, so use it with caution.

Color Changing

Color-changing vehicle wraps are a way to add a pearlescent finish that makes it look like the color is different in different lights or from different angles. If you’ve ever seen a car that looks purple as it drives up and shifts to orange or green as it passes, that is a color-changing paint job or wrap. This type of finish is a full-color change to your vehicle, and the resulting effect is striking and noticeable. 

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