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The Main Categories of Vehicle Wrap Styles

Here are the choices you have to make, which fall under three major categories.

When you are thinking about investing in vehicle wraps, you will have a couple of options. The great thing about vehicle wraps is that you can customize them to exactly what you want. So, whether you just want to give your vehicle a new look or you are looking for something to enhance marketing for your business, you can get what you want in vehicle wraps. Here are the choices you have to make, which fall under three major categories.

Partial Wraps

First, partial vehicle wraps are used to cover just one area of your vehicle. They can come in any size you want as well as design. Partial vehicle wraps are great for adding a decal to your car or if you are interested in vehicle lettering. The main benefit of partial vehicle wraps is that they are easy to apply and remove so you can use them temporarily or for the long term.

Full Wraps

While partial vehicle wraps are a good choice to get all the benefits of vehicle wraps, you should commit to a full vehicle wrap. They are exactly the same as partial vehicle wraps with the main difference that the wrap will cover the entire surface of your vehicle’s paint job. And the main benefit of a full vehicle wrap, aside from having the maximum real estate for changing the look of your vehicle, is that it will protect the surface of your paint job underneath from damage.

Large Commercial Wraps

For business usage, you might consider investing in fleet wraps. In particular, you might have a commercial vehicle like a semi-truck, food truck, or mobile trailer, that could benefit from vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are the best way to transform a plain commercial vehicle into an advertising machine for your business. You can add everything from the company colors and logo to specific contact information that will help draw more customers.

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