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The Conditions for Applying Color Change Wraps

Should you get a color change wrap or a new paint job?

Just like any full vehicle wrap, a color change wrap is a vinyl covering that goes over a vehicle like a second skin. Many people use them to give their vehicles a new color, and a vehicle wrap also has the benefit of protecting the current paint job underneath. So, should you get a color change wrap or a new paint job? That depends on the condition of your vehicle.

Clean vs. Dirty

Before anything else, you should make sure that your vehicle is completely clean before having a vehicle wrap applied. The reason why is because of the adhesive. Even just a thin layer of dust can make it difficult for the wrap to fully adhere. 

New vs. Old

Even if your vehicle is completely clean, you should check the condition of your paint job. There are two reasons why an old paint job will not work with a vehicle wrap as well as a new one. First, the imperfections in the older paint job might shoe through in the vehicle wrap. Any rough spots, rust, and divots won’t be fully smoothed out. Second, an old paint job might get damaged by the adhesive. Any place that the paint job is worn or peeling could get stuck to the vehicle wrap and peel away when the vehicle wrap is removed. And vehicle wraps are supposed to protect the car’s paint job rather than harm it.

Quality vs. Price

A color change wrap isn’t really inexpensive compared to a paint job. The wrap material is part of the expenses, as well as the labor, which should just be finished by an exceptionally prepared and talented professional. But truly, the expenses for both are about the same. You should analyze the expenses of a paint job and wrap that are both excellent quality. The cost distinction becomes possibly the most important factor when you’re contrasting a low with a normal quality paint job to a top-notch wrap, and the other way around.

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