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Safety Uses of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are often a lot more effective than signs for adding safety to your building in a number of ways.

One of the best things about floor graphics is that they can bring a whole new level of creativity to the interior of your business. Not only that, but floor graphics add an element of interaction because they are right where customers and employees walk every day. Because of this, floor graphics are often a lot more effective than signs for adding safety to your building in a number of ways.

Giving Direction

As with nearly all big company buildings, you probably have certain places that you would not want customers to go so that they won’t harm themselves. You can use floor graphics to mark prohibited areas, such as a Do Not Cross line in red or caution stripes. Or you can use floor graphics in the form of walkways, paths, and arrows, to direct foot traffic or even to point to emergency exits. These uses are especially practical for warehouses or museums where a large sign might get in the way, or for highly-crowded areas where a customer could trip on or knock over a standing sign.

Warning Signs

In the same way that floor graphics can warn a customer of prohibited areas, they can also keep your customers and employees aware of certain hazards. For example, you can place warnings like Slippery When Wet on floors in a public shower or Step Down on a place like a small ledge that might otherwise be overlooked. A Do Not Run floor graphic is more effective than a sign at pools as well. You can even mark the area of the floor to indicate where a door swings open so that people will know where to avoid getting hit by the door. Simple warnings like these will prevent accidents and lawsuits and will help ensure that everyone has a good experience at your business.

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