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Preserve Your Indoor Floor Graphic with Easy Maintenance Tips

When freshly applied, floor graphics can present a polished display of your brand in bright colors and design.

Indoor floor graphics are not only an excellent use of branding in your interior design, but they are also a means of utilizing free space business for advertising. When freshly applied, floor graphics can present a polished display of your brand in bright colors and design. However like any other branding tool, floor graphics often take beating from time, as they are constantly being affected by high traffic areas in your business. The solution? A great first application and a little maintenance over time goes a long way.

Floor Graphic Advantages

Although they are less often used by business owners to advertise, floor graphics are especially great for showcasing your brand within the interior of your business. In addition to being an especially effective marketing tool, indoor floor graphics are particularly great because of their affordability, resilience to damage, and flexibility with change. If you need to change or replace your indoor floor graphic for any reason, they are easy to purchase, easily removed, and easily replaced in no time.

Wax On

The best way to ensure a long lifespan for your floor graphic is to make sure that it is properly installed from the beginning. A well installed floor graphic on a clean surface is much more likely to stay put than one that is sticking on dirt and dust, and is a far better use of your time and money. Once applied, the graphic should be waxed and dried for 24 hours to make sure it is kept in place without tearing or dirt to disrupt the adhesive over time.

Clean Sweep

Floor graphics require very little attention to be maintained, however cleaning your floors regularly with the proper equipment is a best practice to prevent wear and tear. When cleaning the floors of your business, be sure to use protective, manufacturer approved wax on the graphic before cleaning the floor with buffing tools, and be sure to keep an eye out for any tearing or bubbles in your graphic. Choosing the right material will also come into play for maintenance, as professionally installed high quality materials for your graphic are less likely to rip, fade, or peel over time.

Indoor Floor Graphics from Brand It Wrap It

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