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Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Here is an example of what our social distancing floor graphics look like.

As you know, the effects of COVID-19 have reached across the world, making a significant impact on businesses. In Maryland, if your business has been deemed essential by the government, then it is up to you to make sure that your employees and customers are safe. This can be a big responsibility; however, we at Brand It Wrap It are here to help by providing social distancing floor graphics. Here is how this simple addition can make your business a much safer environment.

The Importance of Social Distancing

There has been a lot of news and misinformation about how serious COVID-19 is and what can help stop it. But the most important thing to remember is that social distancing truly matters. It can be a scary thing to face a virus that is both highly contagious and difficult to detect, which is the reason it has spread so quickly. So, people reducing contact with each other is often the only guarantee of preventing the virus. For a business owner, it can be especially distressing to think of how you can keep everyone in your building healthy. But social distancing is a small measure that you can incorporate that will help save lives.

How Social Distancing Floor Graphics Help 

The standard for social distancing is that each person should stay six feet away from each other. It’s very easy to forget this in public, especially when it’s not the norm for standing in line at a checkout counter. You have probably seen how some stores have put up signs of lines of tape on the floor that are six feet apart, but those are often ignored. Our floor graphics provide clear directions that will help you remind customers and employees to practice social distancing. All you need to do is choose a designated space, such as where customers wait in line, and then place these floor graphics six feet apart. That way, people will be held accountable and feel safe without having to worry about losing their place in line.

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