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Important Tips for Vehicle Wrap Repairs

Here are some tips you should know about vehicle wrap repairs.

Your vehicle wraps can protect your vehicle’s paint job from damage on the road from loose rocks to road salt. However, the wraps themselves are not totally invincible. If your vehicle wrap gets damaged, that doesn’t have to mean it’s ruined. Fortunately, vehicle wraps are relatively easy to repair without having to replace the entire wrap. Here are some tips you should know about vehicle wrap repairs.


Before you can repair it, the surface of your vehicle wrap should be clean. Start by removing any debris from the damaged portion of the wrap, as well as any scraps of the vehicle wrap. Next, clean off all signs of grease and wax underneath. A microfiber cloth is the best tool, and use it with a mixture of soap and water to gently clean the surface. A clean surface is critical in making sure that a repair patch will adhere seamlessly later.


Even after you peel off broken parts of the vehicle wrap, little pieces of the adhesive could get left behind. To remove this adhesive, you might need to use a sand block or wet sandpaper, and apply it very gently to the dampened area to remove damaged sections of vinyl. Make sure that you clean the area again with soap and water after you have finished sanding. 


Vinyl patches are a simple and effective way to repair a damaged segment of a vehicle wrap. First, you have to measure the vinyl patch so that it will cover the damaged area while also overlapping on its edges over the rest of the wrap so that it smoothly transitions into the rest of the design. To apply the patch, make sure that you press firmly with a squeegee until you have worked out any and all air bubbles.

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