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The Importance Of Event Signage For Your Business Expo


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If you want quality event signage from professionals you can trust, look no further than Brand It Wrap It!

When planning for any business event or expo, it is important that you include signage. It is not only a good way to promote businesses and sponsors, but it also makes for a better experience for everyone in attendance. Here is why it is important to have event signage.

Attendee Experience

The only reason you can easily navigate through your event is because you planned it. The people who are coming to the event aren’t going to know exactly where they go once they walk in. Areas that could benefit from signage are registration areas, ticket areas, and any areas where directions would be beneficial. It is always a good idea to mark where any bathrooms, entrances, and exits are. If your expo is going to have guest speakers, signage that directs people to any stages can be helpful. You also want to utilize event signage to distinguish all of the vendors and companies that are present at the event.

Get Creative

You want your event to be talked about even after it’s over (for the right reasons, of course). You can use event signage to go above and beyond basic necessities. The signage you use should enhance and reflect the event. If there are stairs present, stair wraps add a nice aesthetic, while also giving you a creative way to promote your business and the event. Barriers that direct foot traffic typically look pretty plain, so why not spruce them up? If you decided on an outdoor venue for your business expo, make full use of the landscaping. You can hang signage from trees, have things placed on the grass, or even have a shrub trimmed into the event’s name. If you chose a restaurant venue, you can accent tables, T.V screens, and even napkins to have your brand’s logo printed onto it!

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