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How to Use Wall Wraps for Your Business

How to Use Wall Wraps for Your Business brand it wrap it

Wall wraps for your business signage are a wonderful investment.

Wall wraps for your business are a great way to add extra advertising or mission-focused décor around your office. Since commercial graphics are made of vinyl, they are durable when used both inside and outside, meaning you can be flexible and creative with your designs. Whether you’re looking for statement graphics or smaller graphics for directions or advertisements, wall wraps are a fantastic investment for your business signage. So, how exactly can you use them for your location? 

Wayfinding & Directions

If you’re in a large office building, wayfinding and directional wall wraps can be great to help your clients and customers find your office! Easy-to-follow, official-looking business signage around your location can help your customers feel more comfortable and confident navigating, leading to a more positive experience overall.  

Boost Products or Services

Wall graphics are great for boosting any new services or products when customers are in your space. You can feature photographs or mock-ups of your products that will stand out against your walls and capture attention. Since these commercial graphics are easy to remove, you can also change them out when new products launch or if you add services to your current offerings. 

Feature Your Mission and Core Values

With wall wraps, your options are limitless! Since you can have large or small commercial graphics, you can really customize what message you’d like to convey with your business signage. Surrounding you, your team and your clients with decals that highlight your mission can create an inspiring environment for everyone involved. Including things like client success stories, testimonials, inspirational quotes, or simple logo graphics can all express the personality and aesthetic of your business. 

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