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How to Prevent Your Car Wrap from Fading

How to Prevent Your Car Wrap from Fading brand it wrap it

You want your car wrap to be clean and continue looking nice, day in and day out so that it reflects well on the business you’re promoting.

Car wraps are a great way to advertise a business or promote something. They are like a billboard that travels throughout your local area all day long. Investing in vinyl wraps for your car means that you are promoting your business everywhere you go. And you want that wrap to look beautiful and eye catching so that you get the best return that you can on your investment. But it also means you want your car and the wrap to be clean and continue looking nice, day in and day out, so that it reflects well on the business you’re promoting. If you’re wondering what kind of car wrap maintenance you should be doing to keep your car wrap from fading, read on.

Make It UV Stable

The cheaper the wrap, the more susceptible to sun fading it is going to be. Make sure you are investing in a wrap that is UV stable so that you don’t have to worry about the sun fading the image and making you and your business look bad. 

Protect It From Weather

Whenever possible, protect the car and the wrap from the weather. This means that if you have the option to park under cover, do so. Choose the garage at home if you have one and when you are out and about look for shade or shelter. 

Avoid Waterslide

Some people try to put waterslide decals on their cars thinking that they’re the same thing. They aren’t, and the material of the waterslide decal will not last or hold up on a car like an actual car wrap will. Don’t fall for this.

Clean Your Car

Keep your car and the wrap clean and free from dirt and debris. When you clean your car, use a good quality car soap to protect the life of the wrap. Don’t use highly abrasive cleaners or tools as they could scratch or tear the wrap.

Have It Installed Professionally

Finally, choose to have a professional installer do the installation of your car wrap so that it has the best and longest life possible. You’re making an investment in your business, so get the most out of it. Don’t try to DIY the installation to save money – it will just cost you in the long run.

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