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Choosing the Right Font for Your Car Wrap

Choosing the Right Font for Your Car Wrap brand it wrap it

With commercial wraps, picking the right size, typeface, and colors can enhance the overall impact of your brand.

Car wraps are a fun, versatile way to advertise your brand wherever your business goes. Of course, visibility and readability go hand-in-hand in any advertisement, but did you know that the font you choose can make a huge difference when creating a car wrap design? With commercial wraps, picking the right size, typeface, and colors can enhance the overall impact of your brand. Here are a few tips you can use to capitalize on the design of your graphics. 

How Can You Pick the Perfect Font for your Car Wrap Design? 

Consider Legibility While the Car is in Motion

With any advertising, it’s good to think about when and where your design will be seen. Prospective customers may see your car wrap at high speeds on the highway, in rearview mirrors, and at night if you have team members on call. With that taken into account, when choosing a font, you should prioritize: 

    • Sans-Serif Fonts: Typefaces without serifs are cleaner and more straightforward, so it’s clearer from further away. 
  • Prominent Characters: Consider making your business name and slogan span the length of the vehicle, rather than just a door or panel. This way, even cars on the opposite side of the highway may have the chance to read it. 
  • Proper Spacing: Letters that are too close together can appear jumbled from a distance. Likewise, letters spaced too far apart could be difficult to read. 

Consider Eye-Catching Colors, Contrast, and Functional Design

Since your commercial wrap will be seen quickly and in various conditions, using the right colors and contrast to grab attention is especially important. However, while using bright colors may initially hold interest, some color combinations are more challenging to read than others. A font color combination that seems to be clear on a computer screen may not be so in real life once installed on your fleet. 

With contrast and legibility in mind, you can also take advantage of unique advertising opportunities to target those driving specifically. A popular option for text is to mirror your slogan and place it on your vehicle’s hood, so it’s easily read in a rearview or side-view mirror. If your team spends time on the road after dark, high-contrast reflector font can also be used to increase visibility for cars around you. 

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