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Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Car Wrap

Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Car Wrap brand it wrap it

Here are four tips teaching how to clean your car wrap properly.

A car wrap will only look presentable if it’s well maintained. Once you decide that installing a vehicle wrap on your vehicle is an excellent choice, you should prepare yourself for maintenance. Here are four tips teaching how to clean your car wrap properly. 

Hand Wash the Vehicle and Car Wrap

 Hand washing your wrapped car will make it easier to avoid damaging the car wrap. If possible, avoid taking your wrapped vehicle through a drive-through car wash. If you must do so, inquire about the water pressure because it should be low. In addition, ensure that abrasive brushes are not a part of the cleaning process. Otherwise, it’s best to wash your vehicle using mild detergents and a soft sponge. 

Remove Stains and Spills

You don’t have to wash the entire wrapped vehicle if there is a stain or spill. However, you clean the stains and spills directly by soaking them in warm soapy water using a cloth. You can remove stickier substances by using a mixture of water and alcohol. However, before you do this, test the solution on a small, unnoticeable surface to ensure it doesn’t damage the car wrap. Then, rinse the vehicle thoroughly after cleaning it. 

Park Your Vehicle in Particular Areas Only

 You don’t want to expose your vehicle wrap to direct sunlight and other destructive weather-related elements. You also want to park your car away from trees or anything that might scratch your car’s surface. In addition, you should drape your vehicle with a protective cover if you don’t have a parking lot or garage.

Drive Cautiously 

Not all roads are friendly to car wraps, and vehicles, in general. If you’re driving along graveled roads or streets with potholes, don’t speed to avoid rocks and pebbles from scratching your car wrap. 

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