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How Floor Graphics Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Here are some ways that floor graphics can draw in more traffic to your business.

With the rise of online shopping and delivery, it takes a lot more to get customers to come through the door of your business. The good news about commercial graphics, like floor wraps, is that you can put in a reasonably low amount of cost and effort to get a big return on your investment. Floor graphics, in particular, are an unsung hero for boosting customer interest. Here are some ways that floor graphics can draw in more traffic to your business.

Catch Their Eye

Floor graphics are a fun and unexpected form of advertising. Most people expect signs and banners and, while those are very useful for advertising, floor graphics will give your building a touch of originality. Concerned that people won’t notice them? Just think about how much we look down to check our phones. Your plain floor is untapped real estate for capturing the customer’s attention.

Conversation Starter

Often the biggest hurdle with a potential customer is breaking the ice. That is why floor graphics can be the perfect conversation starter. For example, if you own a car dealership where your employees need to approach customers, then it can take the pressure off of them to have a natural opening line. Your floor graphics could mention a special offer that an employee can elaborate on, or provide the company slogan, or a fun fact related to your business.

Call to Action

A key selling factor for all types of advertisements is to have a call to action. Your call to action gives the customer something that they can do, usually in the moment, to further interact with your business. Floor graphics are no exception, and it is very easy to make a creative call to action with them. The graphic can point out the direction of a sale, or free samples, with an arrow, for example. Without a call to action, your advertisement isn’t fulfilling its main goal to sell. The call to action ensures that a person doesn’t forget about what was advertised to them.

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