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3 Steps to Getting Your Car Ready for a Vehicle Wrap

Here are some steps you should take to get your car in the right shape for vehicle wrap application.

It’s always a great decision to invest in a vehicle wrap. They’re great whether you are a business looking to expand your advertising horizons, or you simply want a color change wrap to protect your vehicle and give it a new look. But, although the process of getting vehicle wrap is fairly easy, it helps to go into it with the right preparation. Here are some steps you should take to get your car in the right shape for vehicle wrap application.

Know Your Pro

When getting a full vehicle wrap applied, it’s impossible to do it yourself, which is why companies like Brand It Wrap It are happy to offer the service. And choosing a professional to apply your vehicle wrap comes with some considerations, like the materials in the wrap itself. The base of vehicle wraps should be a durable vinyl, but there is a range in quality when it comes to the type of vinyl and adhesive. At Brand It Wrap It, we always avoid cutting corners with cheaper options, which could ultimately damage your vehicle. Feel free to ask us about the methods and materials we use to ensure the quality of your vehicle wrap application.

Finalize the Design

The great thing about vehicle wraps is that they are essentially permanent until you want to remove them. That said, it’s important to save time and money by making sure that your vehicle wrap design is exactly the way you want it. Before the application is the last chance to make sure that the color, decals designs, and text if you have it, are just right. Having a graphic designer to consult with will make the process much easier and eliminate the risk of buyer’s remorse.

Clean the Vehicle

It seems like an obvious step, but the cleanliness of your vehicle plays a major role in the outcome of the wrap application. Dirt, debris like leaves, and even dust are a deal-breaker for vehicle wraps because they will potentially ruin the adhesive or, at the very least, cause ripples, bumps, and uneven spots. Thorough washing isn’t the only thing your vehicle needs. If you have had your vehicle waxed, then you will also need to remove the wax with a commercial solvent to make sure the wrap adheres perfectly.

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