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Fleet Graphics And The Five-Second Rule

fleet graphics

Fleet graphics can do wonders for your business!

We are not talking about the five-second rule for dropped food. We are talking about how much time your fleet graphics have to make a significant impact on consumers- five seconds! In fact, often, you may only have three seconds! The fact remains that from very short attention spans to various distractions, there is a short time frame that businesses have to make an impact with their fleet graphics. Here is everything you need to know to get the most out of your fleet graphics!

People Have Short Attention Spans

It takes a significant amount to hold consumer’s attention these days. In fact, when people are driving, the challenge intensifies. As a result, while humans may have less of an attention span than goldfish, taking advantage of that requires fleet graphics to be short and straightforward.

Too Many Distractions

Regardless of whether a consumer is walking or driving, there are a wide array of messages being thrown in their faces on a regular basis. In fact, between signs, billboards, and fleet graphics coming at people from all angles, it can be impossible to take them all in. As a result, there is only a short time frame available for your company actually to make an actual impact on consumers. Therefore, keeping your fleet graphics clear and straightforward really does do the trick!

Fleet Graphics Travel Fast

Considering that most highways have a sixty-five (65) mile per hour speed limit (or more), vehicles with fleet graphics are traveling at high speeds. In fact, when people are on the road, other drivers really have a couple of seconds to read and comprehend a fleet graphic. As a result, with only seconds to view, keeping the fleet graphics concise and straightforward becomes integral to your company’s success.

We Live In A Busy World

When everyone is busy, they often feel like there really isn’t enough time to everything that needs to get done in a single day. In fact, poorly planned fleet graphics can really deter consumers from contacting your business. As a result, consulting with a professional to design the perfect fleet graphic for your business is typically a necessity if you want the investment actually to be a success.

Fleet Graphics from Brand It Wrap It

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