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Wall Graphics: Test Before You Apply

custom commercial graphics

Custom wall graphics can help your company get its name out there!

Wall graphics are an incredible tool for your business, if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many business owners are so excited to get their wall graphics and install them that they skip a crucial step—testing. The right wall graphics should easily adhere to the wall when you want them there and also come off cleanly when you are ready to remove them. The right wall graphics for your wall type exist, but you might need to do some testing beforehand to ensure that you pick the right one.

Get the Wall And Test Strips Ready

First, you should prepare the wall surface for the wall graphic test strips. Always wash and dry the wall before attempting to adhere anything to the surface, as small specks of dust and wall finish can actually stop perfectly good vinyl from adhering to the surface. Next, you should prepare the vinyl test strips for adhesion.

The Testing Process

Next, you should apply all of the wall graphics test strips to areas of the wall. Typically, the testing period is 15 minutes. That might seem short, but it is plenty of time to determine which strip is the best at adhesion and removal. Use a spring scale to test the level of adhesion as you remove the test strips. Depending on the material that the test strip is made from, it might peel off smoothly and evenly in or a staggered manner. Ideally, your wall graphic material should remove smoothly and cleanly without a heavy deal of force needed.

Choose Your Wall Graphics

Next, you should examine the results to see which wall graphics are ideal. If you have areas of your business that have high traffic, higher adhesion will be more important. Brand It Wrap It will print your wall graphics on high-quality vinyl designed for your wall surface and just like that; you will have stunning new wall graphics!

Wall Graphics From Brand It Wrap It

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