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Check Out These 5 Common Car Wrap Advertising Mistakes

Check Out These 5 Common Car Wrap Advertising Mistakes brand it wrap it

Many things can go wrong when creating a wrap for your company vehicle, from illegible text to overly complicated patterns

There are many elements to consider when designing car wraps for business advertising. Unfortunately, if a wrap installer does not have the necessary design experience, it can be easy to make some mistakes that will reduce the quality of your investment. Many things can go wrong when creating a wrap for their company vehicle, from illegible text to overly complicated patterns. We have compiled a list of typical car wrap advertising mistakes. Keep reading to learn more.

Cluttered Design

Using too many images or lines of text can create a cluttered design, making it difficult for potential customers to read and process the information in the short time it is provided to them. When creating a vehicle wrap, consider a clean, minimalistic, and appealing design to make a lasting impression on customers.

No Contact Information

Car wraps are like mobile billboards, so people on the street only have less than 10 seconds on average to read your design. It is important to include contact information that is easy to read. Usually, you only need your name and website and possibly a phone number. Potential customers can search for your company online and learn more about you from the click of a button.

Illegible Font

When deciding on a font for your car wrap, think about your target audience and how far away they can see it from. Choosing a cursive font or trying to squeeze in too much text will be hard for potential customers to read, especially at a distance. Font choice is the difference between gaining new customers and losing customers. Take the time to view your font choice from different distances to see if it will work well for your vehicle.

A Dirty Car

We’ve discussed the importance of clean wrap design, but many business owners forget about cleaning their physical car. Remember that you are investing a considerable amount of your marketing budget into your car wrap advertisement. Accumulations of dust and debris can make your vehicle look unprofessional. We recommend cleaning your car before applying a vinyl wrap to avoid this common mistake.

Not Measuring the Car

Vehicles come in all sizes, shapes, and dimensions. When creating a car wrap, pay attention to areas like the doors, the gas cap, and the latches. Consider how the viewer will see the design around those areas. Make sure you take accurate measurements of your vehicle to ensure the wrap will fit perfectly over the surface.

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