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Can You Wash a Car with Vinyl Wraps?

Can You Wash a Car with Vinyl Wraps? brand it wrap it

Vinyl wraps are a fantastic investment for your fleet, but can you wash them?

Vinyl wraps are an excellent investment for preserving the longevity of your vehicle. Not only are car wraps eye-catching, but they add a layer of protection for the paint on your car, van, or truck from all kinds of environmental factors. Factors like the sun, harsh weather exposure, salt or sand on the roads during a winter storm, and bird droppings or even tree sap can erode your vehicle’s finish and damage the paint underneath. Washing and caring for your vehicle wraps properly will ensure they offer maximum protection and extend the life of your wraps. So, how do you wash your vinyl wraps properly? 

Be Gentle

In any automotive care aisle, you’ll see a plethora of different detergents, sponges, and brushes made for washing vehicles. While most of these products are suitable to use on cars without vinyl wraps, most are too abrasive and could actually damage your wrap pretty quickly. We recommend using a gentle, ammonia-free cleanser, soft non-scrubbing sponges or a washcloth, a microfiber cloth to help dry and buff, and a squeegee to help dry your car quicker. Never use a plastic or metal scraper to remove debris from your vehicle wrap; it’s best to rinse with water and use a soft brush. 

Avoid the Car Wash

While it may be tempting to skip the store altogether and take your wrapped vehicle to a car wash, we recommend hand-washing your car. Ultimately, a carwash can do more damage to your car wrap than good. The brushes in a traditional carwash are much too abrasive for a vehicle wrap, and even in a brushless carwash, detergents and solvents used could damage your car wrap as well. If your vehicle is filthy, you can use a pressure washer below 2000 psi and 176° to avoid damage to your vinyl wraps. 

Ask the Vinyl Wrap Experts

It’s best never to guess when it comes to proper care and maintenance of your car wraps. If you have any questions on the best products to use, most wrap manufacturers offer product suggestions. Also, if you’ve consulted a reputable company to install your vehicle wrap, they will be able to recommend products that will protect it and keep it looking good for years to come! 

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