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What Exactly Is a Brand?

what exactly is a brand

Your brand is more than just your company’s trademark or logo.

We’ve talked about branding, rebranding, branding strategies, and even keeping track of multiple brands on this blog. This time around, we thought it would be a good idea to get back to basics and look at what exactly a brand is. It’s not as simple a task as you may think, and the meaning of the word is constantly changing as marketing tools and principles change.

A Quick History

When you think of the word “brand” the first image to come to your mind might be of a well established company or product that has cultivated an image for themselves. If you think about it in a historical sense, sooner or later you’ll come to cattle ranchers and the tools they used to mark their goods. Branding cattle was a way for ranchers to keep track of their goods as they moved. When packaging goods became popular, producers needed a way to show they had produced what was on the shelves. At some point, producers realized this was something they could use to not just identify their products, but to stand out among the competition.

The Modern Idea

Nowadays, your brand is everything associated with your company and its products, whether it’s true or not. Public perception of your company and products is your brand. This makes it important for business owners to control the message and stay on top of public appearances. However you reach your customers and the public, you need to put forth the persona you want to be known for and the advantages your products have over others.  

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