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Ways To Get Customers To Look Up From Their Smart Phones

floor graphics

Investing in floor graphics can do wonders for your business.

Be honest—when was the last time that you entered a business staring at your smart phone, with your phone held to your ear, or not paying any attention? You aren’t alone! Most consumers today spend lots of time staring at their smart phones instead of your signage, so how can you harness that fact to help benefit your business? Floor graphics are a clever way to advertise to customers staring at their smart phones.

Showcase Your Products

Your products are the reason why customers are visiting your store in the first place, so why not showcase them with floor graphics they will see as they enter? Incorporate product signage or pictures of your products into floor graphics and customers will be happy to disengage from their phones and take in the rest of your store. Floor graphics help to pique the interest of shoppers and draw them into your store or up from their phones—where the magic happens!

Help Customers Find Your Products

One of the most creative uses of floor graphics is helping consumers navigate your store. If you have a large store or warehouse-style facility, customers might get lost only trying to find the client service desk. Use fun floor graphics shaped like footprints to guide customers to their destination. These floor graphics will be noticeable to consumers who are paying attention and who are buried in their smart phones.

Improve The Shopping Experience

The biggest reason why consumers are choosing to shop online instead of visiting physical stores is a lack of a compelling reason to do so. If the online shopping process is more streamlined, more attractive, and more cost-effective to use, customers will choose it 100% of the time. Floor graphics help to improve the shopping experience for everyone who visits your store and entices them to choose your physical store instead of an online option. If you give customers a reason to look up from their phones, they will.

Floor Graphics From Brand It Wrap It

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