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Why Vehicle Wraps Are An Exceptional Marketing Tool

vehicle wraps

Using vehicle wraps is a wonderful marketing tool for any business!

Deciding how to market for your company can be a tough decision; since the internet and its cookies have changed the landscape of marketing tools, where does a company even begin to look? Billboards are generally considered too expensive for a start-up. The yellow-pages are fading and becoming a relic of simpler times. SEO internet advertising as a marketing tool might be better grasped by the millennial generation, and even then, isn’t fool proof. When trying to broadcast, there are three things a company really needs to consider: maintenance fees, visibility, and memorability. And one often overlooked form of advertising encompasses all three, in style – vehicle wraps.

Visibility And Memorability

Recent studies have indicated that consumers are 95% more likely to remember the advertising they see on vehicle wraps. How much time does the average American spend in a car? Anyone with a work commute who watches the same scenery on the same highway every day can imagine a well-designed vehicle wrap catching their eye and staining their memory. The only costs of this marketing tool include its initial installation and the gas that it takes to travel across the desired geographic area. It’s guaranteed visibility with a large enough surface area to not worry about being charged by the word! Possibly best of all, it allows the consumer to feel as though they’re making their own decision by calling you – no pushy salesmen, no e-mail blasting, no cold-calling. Every lead generated is a motivated, interested customer.

Competitive Pricing

Vehicle wraps are the least expensive marketing tool. If a company decides to wrap their fleet of already in use vans or trucks, they’ve married function with design.  Commonly, companies that benefit from this kind of advertising are companies dependent on travel for their business – HVAC companies, food delivery, home improvement installation companies, etc. With most vehicle wraps lasting between five and seven years, maintenance costs are comically minimal. Over the course of its life, it’s estimated that a vehicle wrap costs as little as $62.50 a month in advertising. There’s nothing as effective as a striking visual, especially if your company is already established with a logo or recognizable design!

Capitalize On An Underrated Marketing Tool

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