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The Incredible Value Of Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps

Investing in vehicle graphics can do wonders for your business!

If you are trying to decide on whether or not vehicle wraps and fleet wraps would be a valuable investment in your company, here are some numbers that might be able to help you decide. While the exact price of your custom wrap depends on the coverage, its complexity, and the size of your vehicle, $3000 is a solid rough number to work with. That money will cover 4 years of advertising, as company leased vehicles are typically 4 years. Let’s talk about what kind of value you are getting.

Compare and Contrast Costs

All said and done, with these numbers, vehicle wraps cost about $62.50 a month over the course of the life of the wrap. It is almost impossible to find a less expensive form of advertisement. Yellow Pages ads are $500 a month minimum, Radio is $1000 a month minimum, and Billboards are often $1500 a month.

Consider Reach And Brand Awareness

Vehicle wraps and fleet wraps provide unique advertising opportunities. Reach is essentially how effective your advertising is. How many people will see it and how many times? When it comes to TV and Radio, they tell you how many people tune into their station, but not how many people will actually listen to or see their ads. According to the OAAA, in a large city, vehicle wraps offer more than 700,000 impressions a month. This can create the kind of the first impression you need to generate buzz.

Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Wraps For Your Business!

If you are looking for a cool custom way to decorate your vehicle or advertise your business, make sure to check out Brand It, Wrap It, Custom Signs and Vehicle Graphics. We are a full-service sign and wrap company that provides excellent quality signage for businesses both big and small throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. metro area. We provide awesome customer service, use the best and latest sign printing technology, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. To see how we can help your business shine, give us a call at 301-838-9727 or visit us online for an estimate. For more tips and articles like this, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, be sure to check us out on episodes of Junkyard Empire throughout the season, on the Velocity Channel every Wednesday night at 10:00pm for even more tips and tricks about vehicle graphics and fleet wraps!

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