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Vehicle Lettering 101

Even if your branding uses pastel colors and neon that won’t show up well on a car, you should use the highest contrast vehicle lettering possible.

The right vehicle graphics will set your commercial vehicle apart from everyone else on the road. Vehicle lettering is one of the most common types of vehicle signage, and there are numerous options available to customize your car or truck. Here’s what you need to know about vehicle lettering!

Choose the Right Font

The best fonts for vehicle lettering are sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts are those with small lines or accents on the end of each letter. While they can make documents and websites very attractive, they can make vehicle lettering very hard to read. Even if your vehicle lettering initially looks crisp and clean, the edges of the letters will be the first thing to peel. The thicker and accent-free the letter, the better,

Pay Attention to Contrast

Contrast is a necessity when it comes to vehicle lettering. White lettering on a black car is as simple as it gets, but choosing yellow lettering on a white car will be a waste of your money. Even if your branding uses pastel colors and neons that won’t show up well on a car, you should use the highest contrast vehicle lettering possible.

It’s also important to note that, while red on white is a common color combination, red vehicle graphics are known for fading the most quickly as a result of sun and rain. It will not offer you the same staying power that black or blue would extend.

Add an Image

Finally, you should remember that vehicle graphics can go beyond simple vehicle lettering. Add your logo or an image showing what you do in plain and simple terms. That way, even if someone doesn’t have time to stop and read that you do carpet cleaning or kitchen remodeling, they can get the gist from the images on your vehicle.

Effective Vehicle Lettering from Brand It Wrap It

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