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Trade Shows: Booth Design Ideas to Help You Stand Out From the Competition

The amount of exposure that your business gets a trade show depends on your booth design and approach!

Business trade shows are a great way to network, promote your business, and gain more clientele. However, there will be several different businesses present at a trade show, so you have to make sure that your booth stands out from the rest in order to draw attention. Here are some trade show booth design ideas to help your business stand out from the competition!

Clear, Eye-Catching Text

It is a good rule of thumb to stick to a six word catch phrase or motto that the reader can understand within 3 seconds. There are a lot of different booths at trade shows, so people do not have the time to stop at every one. If they can’t figure out what your business is about within the first few seconds of looking at your booth, they will likely move on to the next one. You want to clearly state what your brand is about and use fonts that are bold and easy to read.

Choose One Take Away

You want to choose one thing that you want each person to remember from your booth. This may change each time you attend a different trade show, but it is good to have one specific thing in mind. If you are releasing a new product, you may want that to be the main take away from your trade show that day.

Use the Back Wall

With a smaller or mid-sized trade show booth, the back wall is typically the focal point. For this reason, you want to take advantage of that back wall and put your best graphics on it. You can use the back wall graphics to emphasize the one thing you want the audience to remember when they leave.

QR Codes

With modern technology, it is no longer enough to just have print graphics on your trade show booth. You can upgrade your printed graphics by implementing QR codes into them. These codes allow people to scan the images with their smartphones. When the image is scanned, you can have it set to pull up your website, a specific product description, or a video. This extra element is sure to set your trade show booth apart from the competition!

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