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Tips for Designing Business Signage

Tips for Designing Business Signage brand it wrap it

Creating the perfect sign for your business is essential to building your brand.

Modern marketing techniques can be very expensive and difficult to implement. Hiring a marketing company or investing in analytics tracking can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Business owners are always looking for more affordable and convenient marketing solutions. At Brand It Wrap It, we believe that business signage, such as property signs and banners, are a great way to achieve this result. Creating the perfect sign for your business is essential to building your brand. Here are some tips for designing a commercial sign for your business.

Choose Colors Carefully

If you already have a color scheme used in other branding materials, your sign should use those colors or at least coordinate with them. Also, try to avoid using trendy colors. A certain color may be on trend today, but it may not be in style tomorrow. That means you might have to redesign your signage almost every year. Instead, use colors people can recognize and instantly connect to your brand.

Readability is Key

If customers can’t read your sign, it wouldn’t be an effective marketing tool. When coming up with your design, use letters and fonts that are easy to read.  Incorporate contrasting colors so that the text is legible. For instance, using white text on a dark background is much easier to read than orange text on a red background.  Also, make sure your sign is well-lit so that passers-by can easily read your sign in the dark.

Include Important Information

Business signage is a great way to advertise your business, so you need to ensure your signs have all the relevant information about your brand. If possible, you should include a ‘call to action’. A “call to action” is the text that prompts your customer to take action.  Whether it’s “Call Now” or “Visit Us Today” or “Check Out Our Website”  you want to let your customers know how best to reach you.  Be sure to include your phone number, address, email, or website address so people have your information. 

At Brand It Wrap It, we use the best materials and the latest technology to provide our customers with the best possible commercial signs. Our designers will take your requirements, brand, and your target audience into consideration before they design a commercial graphic for you. Reach out today to get started!

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