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Explaining the Different Types of Car Wraps

Explaining the Different Types of Car Wraps brand it wrap it

Brand It Wrap It offers high-quality vehicle wraps in various styles and finishes.

Vehicle wrapping is a valuable service that can improve your business’s aesthetics. When it comes to wrapping your vehicle, there are countless ways that you can do it. Most car wraps are made from vinyl and can be removed easily without damaging your car. They can also protect the original car paintwork. Brand It Wrap It offers high-quality vehicle wraps in various styles and finishes. Let’s go over some of the common types of car wraps.

Full Wraps

The name speaks for itself. Full car wraps cover the entirety of the vehicle with your desired color. Not only is it more affordable than a complete paint job, but it is also completely reversible. This is referred to as a color change wrap. Some people even choose to install a full wrap that is the same color as the car underneath. This is done to protect the car’s actual color from bumps, dings, or scratches. Many people opt for car wraps because they do not want to change their vehicle’s color permanently.

Partial Wraps

The opposite of full wraps, partial wraps only cover a portion of the vehicle. If you desire a more subtle look, or if you do not want to change the look of your car that much, a partial wrap can be a great choice. When using your vehicle wrap for advertising purposes, a partial wrap can be just as effective. Notably, it will be acceptable to use a partial wrap if you want to display important information but want to keep the base color of the car. Partial wraps are commonly used to cover the hood, roof, trunk, and doors.

Chrome Wraps

Chrome wraps are great for those that want a flashy, chrome-plated car but can not afford the real thing. The most obvious benefit about this type of wrap is you get the stunning chrome effect without the price tag. But, there is another key benefit. Because chrome wraps reflect sunlight, they also prevent your car from absorbing too much heat. Thus, your car won’t get so scorching hot in the summertime. However, this type of wrap is heavier than others and is more difficult to apply, so you should always contact a professional wrap installer to help you.

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