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The Low-down on Racing Stripes

Racing stripes are a familiar and iconic look that can be achieved by vehicle wraps. While they are no longer nearly as prevalent in the car racing world as they used to be, there’s no denying that they are a classic hallmark of the aesthetics of race cars. Odds are, even if you’re not a professional racecar driver, you’ve seen a few of them on the road yourself. You might even be wondering if you want to add some “go-faster” stripes to your own car. Here are some facts about racing stripes.

The Low-down on Racing Stripes

Racing stripes are an iconic and familiar hallmark of auto racing history. Here’s a brief history of racing stripes, and why you might want to consider getting some yourself.


There are a few misconceptions about the origin of racing stripes. Most notoriously, there is the notion that veteran drivers would require the newer drivers to have stripes on their cars until they had earned the respect of others on the track. This is probably untrue.

Now here’s the obvious: racing stripes make it easier for spectators to tell cars apart on the track. This isn’t so much of a problem these days, with the huge variety of vinyl wraps covering just about every racecar. But in the old days, something so simple as a stripe or two went a long way to lend a car some visual distinction. In fact, the International Sporting Code went so far as to standardize the usage and colors of racing stripes to indicate the nationality of the racer. This is no longer the case, but at one time white cars with blue stripes were indicative of an American vehicle.

Should I get them myself?

Given the rich history of racing stripes, you may be wondering if you want them on your own car. Some might tell you they are cliché. But we think you’ve earned your stripes, and some classic racing stripes on your vehicle could be an awesome throwback. That said, you might want to consider the make of your car. Some cars, like Mustangs and BMWs, have a long history of employing stripes on their designs. To be perfectly frank, stripes might seem a bit out of place some models. But we believe you should do whatever makes you happiest with the appearance of your car.

Racing stripes might not actually make your car go faster. But, if done right, they can definitely look cool. You can trust the professionals at Brand It, Wrap It to work with you to professionally install the perfect vinyl wraps on your car.

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